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At CFCPNJ, it is our mission to provide comprehensive forensic psychological evaluations and consultation for individuals and attorneys—both plaintiffs and defendants—involved in immigration, crimmigration, civil, and criminal cases.


For each psychological evaluation, we write objective and well-articulated psychological reports, applying state-of-the-art psychological principles and assessment procedures based on well-validated research to ensure optimal determinations of evidenced-based findings and conclusions. 


All available components of each client’s case are carefully examined to develop clear and effective statements, conclusions, and recommendations. 


Our team has years of experience and a strong track record among immigration, criminal, and civil attorneys who continue to refer their clients to us for the most complex cases. Our clients continually express customer service satisfaction and comfort in the interview process. Further, they offer accolades for our team’s individualized attention to their case, as we treat every client with respect and dignity and strive to make them feel safe and comfortable in sharing the most intimate aspects of their lives relevant to their legal case.

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