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Under the guidance of the lead licensed psychologist, our team of professionals collaboratively work to ensure our clients feel safe, understood, supported, and respected. We are individual, family, and child centered as well as culturally aware, experienced, and competent. 


We are committed to providing:

  • Discrete and confidential services for complex, high profile clients

  • Comprehensive, clearly written, and detailed oriented psychology evaluation reports

  • Psychology reports that address the psycho-legal questions at hand

  • Findings that are supported with evidence-based research added to the psychology report, as needed

  • Psychology assessments with reason for selection and findings that are well defined 

  • Confirmatory letters sent to referring attorney within 48 hours after the client's visit

  • An organized and powerful presentation

  • Expert testimony

  • Rapid turnaround service

  • Easily accessible by phone and email

  • Providing informed consent forms driven according to the Patient Privacy Act

  • Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Khmer, and Arabic
    interpreters are available as needed throughout the evaluation process

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